12 grocery apis 2020 programmableweb


12 grocery apis 2020 programmableweb

12 Dieting APIs (2020) ProgrammableWeb

Top Dieting APIs including APIs from Calorieking,Mynetdiary Food Search,Tracknburn Fooddata,Foodspex Midíadía 12 Dieting APIs (2020) ProgrammableWeb Skip to main content12 Popular Home Automation APIs ProgrammableWebAuthor JoycPublished Sep 06,2020 Google Chromecast API.Google Chromecast is a Google device that displays mobileNest API.Nest provides a variety of smart devices for home automation.The Nest API Track thisApple HomeKit API.The Apple HomeKit API Track this API allows developers to coordinate andFarm.bot API.FarmBot is an open source robotics system for tending backyard farms.TheSamsung SmartThings API.SmartThings is Samsung's Platform for turning a regular home into aSmappee API.The Smappee API Track this API allows developers to monitor Internet of ThingsNetatmo Security API.Netatmo designs,produces and distributes smart devices for homes.Wink API.Wink is an app that syncs with home automation devices to provide a single point ofDomoticz API.Domoticz API Track this API helps create a central sensor-controlled Portal forSinric Pro API.Sinric Pro enables developers to integrate IoT development boards (such as theAPI Directory ProgrammableWeb COVID-19 User Api News 12 Popular Home Automation APIsChomp API ProgrammableWebThe Chomp Food Nutrition Database API offers high-quality data on over 875,000 grocery products,branded foods,and raw ingredients in the United States and from all around the world.We take pride in being recognized as one of the industry leaders for grocery,branded,and raw food data.Our data is updated on a regular basis and is continually audited to ensure accuracy.

Kroger API ProgrammableWeb

The Kroger API enables developers to integrate products,services,or customer experiences that leverage Kroger's data.The API offers access to customer profiles,product catalogs,carts,and location-based information.The API returns JSON-formatted responses,and implements OAuth 2.0 authentication.The Kroger API provides access to Kroger's subsidiaries.ProgrammableWeb - APIs,Mashups and the Web as PlatformPart 12 Best Practices and Tools for Documenting APIs . 2020 was a rocket ship that blasted the companys value well past the Kármán line and into rarefied air,with much of this success being built on the back of the companys mobile and desktop applications. Five APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in


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